• 60 Minute Auto-Off Select Heat Switch
   with ON Indicator Lights

• 4 Automatically Controled Heat Settings

• Washable with Removable Plug

• Adjustable Hook and Loop Fasteners

• Removable 7 Foot Cord

• Pad Size 10” x 22”

Model #54 Lower Back Heating Pad

  • Dry Heat Therapy 

    1. Plug the power cord into
      120 volt AC electrical outlet.
    2. Set the controller to desired setting.
    3. Place heating pad on the area
      needing heat.
    4. Press the OFF Button and unplug
      power cord when finished.

    Moist Heat Therapy 

    1. Unplug pad from wall outlet.
    2. Dampen one side of the heating pad with
      a spray bottle, sponge or cloth. 
         A.   DO NOT immerse heating pad
               in water or place under
               running water.
         B.   DO NOT spray water on
                the connector.
    3. Follow Dry Heat Therapy steps
      1 and 2 above.
    4. Place dampened side of heating pad
      on the area needing heat.
    5. Press the OFF Button and unplug
      power cord when finished.


    Your heating pad is equipped with a special
    safety feature designed to shut the heating
    pad off after 60 minutes of use. When the
    automatic shut-off feature turns the pad off, the 
    red indicator light on the controller flashes slowly
    to let you know the pad has shut off. 

    To restart the pad, just reselect the
    desired heat setting.




    1. Set controller to OFF. Unplug pad
      from wall outlet.
    2. Pull out the connector and disconnect
      power cord. DO NOT pull by the cord.
    3. Machine wash pad in warm water on
      gentle cycle; tumble dry on medium heat.
      Remove promptly from the dryer.
      Or, hand wash in warm water and line dry.
    4. DO NOT plug in pad until it is dry.
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